COVID-19 Measures

In The X Door Barcelona we have adapted all the necessary security measures, according to the health protocol, to offer safe leisure. Our facilities are virus free. These are constantly disinfected, with continuous air renewal and limited capacity, among others. We have adapted our measures to the protocol for businesses of the health authorities and have reinforced them with those of our consultant/engineer in terms of hygiene, disinfection and air quality. But, as we want you to be reassured, in this section of our website we have dedicated a space to explain exactly what they are.

Continuous air renewal

We have a powerful air renewal system independent of the air conditioning system to avoid contaminated or stale air. The air in our facilities is constantly renewed from the outside, in addition, inside our facilities we have installed filters that provide purified air free of viruses and bacteria so that the only stress you have is the time against the clock of our activities.

Mandatory mask

The use of the mask is mandatory in our facilities. All groups that pass through our facilities must wear it and bring it from home. The mask is essential to prevent contagion, especially in enclosed spaces, as specified in the COVID-19 protocol of the health authorities.

Hydroalcoholic gel

Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers are available in the rooms and halls of our The X Door facilities for hand sanitizing when necessary.

Disinfection of the rooms after each use

Between each activity, our rooms are disinfected following the highest cleaning protocols. We use disinfectant products authorized and recommended by the Ministry of Health to eliminate viruses and bacteria. At the end of each activity, the cleaning staff is in charge of disinfecting the rooms.

Limited capacity

The capacity of our halls and rooms is limited to each group. During the duration of the activity and the time you stay in our facilities you will not coincide with another group in the same space.

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