We offer you the opportunity to participate in special escape rooms for team building in Barcelona. Although the objective is not to escape from a room, they bring together the elements of tension, observation, communication and teamwork of the escape rooms. The group collaboration will help you to overcome our tests successfully and your team will come out of it reinforced.


Team building activities for companies are designed for groups to become cohesive teams where communication, organization, the feeling of belonging to the company, the good atmosphere and, of course, high productivity. In The X Door Barcelona we offer you Escape type activities for team building and to spend a fun and exciting evening.

The games with this dynamic are very effective to strengthen the teamwork of workers and for the team of your company to be in harmony, improving the union between employees and promoting communication. These activities are carried out in a playful environment, where fun and good vibes are guaranteed. The team will have to put all their cards on the table in order to overcome our exciting and frenetic tests against the clock, with immersive themes and settings and top decoration. Leadership skills, communication skills, working under pressure and, above all, team spirit will come to the fore.

In addition, our team building activities are not only designed to be enjoyed in the facilities of The X Door. We also have portable games with which we can put you to the test wherever you indicate: companies, hotel meeting rooms, villas… Contact us by phone or fill out the form on the website for more information!


9 to 80 people


75 min approximately
(We can adapt it to your needs)

Brands that have been in The X-Door


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