Can we play only 2 people?

Of course. The X-Door is an amazing experience to do with your partner. Being 2, you’ll have to be very concentrated and not lose a minute, but we assure you that final feeling if you manage to escape is completely unforgettable and is a special time to enjoy as a couple.

What time do I have to go to the game?

Ideally, best get to the adress just at the time of your booking or just 5 minutes before. And above all, please do not you arrive late, because The X-Door is a room escape live game and after each team enters a new team in the same room, so if you are not punctual probably you can not play and lose the reservation, we can not cause a delay to the following groups.

Game director needs a few minutes to prepare the entire game again. So if you come too soon surely we can not meet you and you may have to wait outside until the time of your booking.

Is there any age limit?

Not at all, because the game only requires capacity for observation and wit, so anyone can play. You don’t need physical strength or agility, but you may stand up and crouch at some point.

From what age can we play?

The X-Door is a game for adults, but if you want to come with your small children of 8, 9, 10 years… you can do it, and they will find plenty great at certain points of the game. But keep in mind that the difficulty of the game is designed for ages 16 years and there are parts of the game that children can not do because they require someone more adult. If you have any questions on whether or not to bring your kids, you can contact us at info@thexdoorbarcelona.com

IMPORTANT: to enter to game always should be at least 1 adult over 18 years in the team. We reserve the right to request ID to verify the age of players in order to confirm that at least one of them is of legal age

Is it a game for very smart people or crazy math?

No, it has nothing to do with it. It is a game for all kinds of people. Only requires observation, ingenuity, teamwork, ability and listening to each other. The best teams are those who work together.

Once I’ve played, can I repeat the experience?

When you’ve played one of our games, if you want to return will have to book for a different game , because the game that you played always is the same and you already know it…

What forms of payment do you support?

The game is paid in cash the day that you come to play, or by bank transfer to the account number you will receive e-mail when you make your reservation.

We also have credit card payment option on our premises.

Can I cancel my booking?

If you wish to cancel your booking please let us know as soon as possible to info@thexdoorbarcelona.com to clear your game day/time, indicating your name and day and time of the reservation.

If you’ve already paid the game, you should know that the day of the game are no longer supported cancellations or refunds of money.

If you want to cancel with 1/2 days prior to the date of your reservation, we will not return the money to you, but you can change the date and time of the reservation.

If you want to cancel with 3 or more days prior to the date of beginning of the game, you refund the money.

Can I give a session on The X-Door Barcelona as a present?

You can request a gift voucher here to give to who you want. It is a sure hit… 🙂

I am pregnant. Can I play?

Many pregnant women have come to play, to play it is not necessary to use physical strength or agility, nor there are elements of terror. But it is a very exciting game and it generates a rush of adrenaline, and certain nerves to see the countdown time running, so if you think that that can generate you anxiety or trouble, is your responsibility to come to play.

In any case, the room has a door emergency release button.

I suffer from claustrophobia. Can I play?

Without problem. We have never had any problem of this type. In fact, it has come to play people with claustrophobia and the 5 minutes were so immersed in the game that neither recalled it.

In any case, the play space is quite large and well lit, and the room is equipped with an emergency door opening button.

Can I play in wheelchairs?

Contact us at info@thexdoorlleibarcelona.com to discuss the possibilities and limitations to play.

The use of physical force is required?

NO, not at all. It is only necessary wit, observation and work as a team.

Are there elements of fear or terror in the game?

NO. There are no elements of terror scares further than any sound or dimly lit at some point.

What clothing is appropriate?

You do not have that drag, or dirty or run… You can come dressed as you would do it to go to the movies for example.

I do not speak or understand spanish or catalan. Can I play?

Sure. To play you don’t need to understand or speak spanish or catalan. Before you begin we will have to give some brief instructions and game rules, and this can be made in English, Spanish or catalan, but if you do not understand any of these languages, you will give the instructions written in French, Italian, Russian or Germanario entender o hablar español o catalán. Eso sí, antes de comenzar os tendremos que dar unas breves instrucciones y reglas de juego, y esto lo podemos hacer en inglés, español o catalán, pero si no entendéis ninguno de estos idiomas, os daremos las instrucciones escritas en francés, italiano, ruso o alemán.

Any other doubt?

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