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Team Building Barcelona

Do you want to surprise your employees or coworkers with a totally amazing Team Building activity?. In The X-Door stand to test your ingenuity and creative thinking, but above all the ability of organization and teamwork.

Activity basically consists of the following: you have 60 minutes to solve all the mysteries hidden in a room in which you will be locked up. The room is full of puzzles and strange objects that you should find out how to use to advance in the game with the ultimate goal of escape the room before the end of the time. The pressure of the countdown and the unsettling feeling of being enclosed will draw the best team, by testing their ability to work under pressure, and will require the group to work together, because without it it will not be possible. Resolving the challenge team is an amazing experience and that the Group executed, and allow them to learn more and share a very special experience.

The activity has a total duration of 90 minutes as much (60 minutes of game, more 15 minutes prior explanation of the rules, and another 15 minutes later to comment). Each game is played in groups of between 2 and 6-10 people (depending on the selected game), so in the case of larger groups, must book our 2 different games, or must be divided into teams and play one after the other to the same game. Healthy competitiveness generated in these cases to see which team does it better is great fun.

The game does not require any special knowledge, cultural level, or physical form. Only requires a capacity of observation, intuition, creativity, ingenuity… and especially teamwork. The game space is wide and does not contain elements of terror or claustrophobic.

It is an ideal activity to discover the roles that arise in working groups, but above all to strengthen links between them and strengthen relations among workmates, forgetting the hierarchies of everyday life.

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