Parking: 1 car parking space (or 6 motorcycle/bycicle spaces) included with each reservation.

White&Black (Level 1)

This is the game which is a sensation throughout Spain and which thousands of teams have enjoyed. The most played room escape game in Spain.

If this is the first time you play, undoubtedly you must choose this game.

The world chess champion Tommy Fisher was unbeatable for various years. In 1985, during the world chess championship he started to suffer eye problems. His game went in decline, he started to have drinking problems, and he eventually disappeared from public life never again playing in any tournament. Those who knew him say that he was obsessed with his vision problems.

So now, you, as some of the best chess players at present have been invited to a special game with the legendary champion. When you get to his house, you enter his library and you discover that you have been locked inside. Fisher wants to test your intelligence and skills and he has prepared a mortal challenge for you. Can you solve all the enigmas that Mr. Fisher´s twisted mind has prepared for you?.

Number of players: from 2 to 6 persons.

Game duration: 60 minutes.

The Haunted Prison (Level 2)

Jack Smith was accused of murder but the trial was full of irregularities… He was convicted to life sentence and locked up in a cell with continuous surveillance, but one night he simply disappeared. Nobody knows what happened to him. Other prisoners affirm that he died trying to escape, because they claim they can hear his moans during the night.

As Jack, you have been unfairly arrested, and the judge has ordered your incarceration. If what the prisoners say is true, which means that Jack’s ghost remains there, he might be able to help you…

Do you accept the challenge to enter The Haunted Prison?

Number of players: from 2 to 10 persons.

Game duration: 60 minutes.